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THE CITRUS FUNDRAISER is Now Complete! Thanks for everyone's participation!

The Citrus Fundraiser is now complete!  Orders have been placed with Farm Fresh Fundraising and oranges and grapefruit from California are expected to arrive around the 2nd week of December.  Boys will be responsible for delivering their orders.  Thank you for everyone's participation and support for Rocky Lacrosse! 

If you missed this fundraiser, and plan to play Spring Lacrosse, you are required to pay a $200 opt-out fee.  Please mail checks made payable to RMHSBLC to:

RMHS Boys Lacrosse

6700 N Linder Road

Ste 156, Box 167

Meridian, ID  83646

It's time for our CITRUS FUNDRAISER!

We are excited to announce our CITRUS Fundraiser! Fresh and delicious oranges and grapefruit from California can be purchased at $36 a box. Orders will arrive before Christmas.  See the Fundraising Tab >Farm Fresh Fundraiser for more information.

Each player, planning to play Spring Lacrosse 2023, is required to sell a minimum of 10 boxes of oranges/grapefruit or pay the $200 opt-out fee. All orders and money (or opt-out fee) are due Thursday, November 10 to Jessica Mitchell. Printable copies of the Citrus Fundraiser Flyer and Order Forms are attached in the links below. 

Online orders can also be completed at: 

Thanks for everyone's help in making Rocky Lacrosse a great program!